Yesterday I sat down & cried…

I cried for what I had lost, I cried for who I have become, I cried with my heart and I then I listened with my soul.

Have you ever felt triggered by life especially times like Christmas?

Well hold tight what if our being is trying to let go of things that are being held in our consciousness? Because what I have witnessed is that Christmas and certain family events can bring up a lot of family and past memories?

And I get it, I hear what your thinking I really do like family times like Christmas they usually brings a lot of joy and gratitude. It means all of that to me too.

Although what can happen is us finding ourselves questioning why the heck when I look at Aunt Mavis do I still feel mad for what happen to me when I was young?

Well my friends truthfully it’s in our Psyche and it’s in our cells.

Because Christmas and other events are usually focused around family, which brings memories and sometimes-unexplained feelings that can make you cry.

And the best news about this is that if we acknowledge and listen to those feelings then Christmas, family’s events or gathers which involve seeing your ex partner can actually be a huge opportunity for healing?

So my question to you, What does your soul want to let go of? And what can you truly change by allowing yourself to be set free?

Christmas is traditionally about the birth of Christ but it’s also about the ‘Solar Being’, which means when the light on earth has gone away and the sun is being born. From the 24th-25th of Dec it’s the longest day on earth in the northern hemisphere, which means the energy, here is at its peak for the birthing of the new.

Wow, metaphorically and energetically speaking its a time where the light of the sun, the illumination of conception, the light from the soul of God and our own light shines a light on the darkness in our consciousness! So we can let go, be free, healed and transcend into a new year, with new energy.

I believe this opportunity not only occurs during the summer solace but at times in our life and throughout the year.

It really made sense and got me understanding why so many people benefit from this energy and pass over to heaven during this time of year. It’s symbolic of the birth of higher consciousness and the higher self within the self. As we know traditionally it’s coming to the birth of Christ and before any new can be birthed there is usually a period of death.

And for me I can certainly say has been true in my life.

This week was the anniversary of my grandmother’s death, the death of a friend’s most beloved child, and the beautiful client who I’ve been working with finally made his way up to the stars. It’s made me reflect on life and it’s also opened my heart.

So for those who have lost loved ones at this time and for those who can’t be with your family, for those who are divorced or feel alone? Here are 4 simple ways I have found can really help you stay centered in yourself and not be overwhelmed with unexpected feelings.

  1. Put your feet in the earth daily grounding with nature. This supports our bodies greatly and is the time where we can hear the whispers of our soul. Breathe in the sunlight.
  2. Daily Gratitude candle ritual, light a candle and give thanks for all that you have in your life and each obstacle or person who has helped grow you into the person you are today.
  3. Take a little moment to honor your feelings even if it’s for 5 minutes while having a shower, or a moment to yourself. If it feels right share this with those who love you when you’ve had a chance to make sense of it. You’ll be surprised how much support is truly around you.
  4. Forgive Aunt Mavis or anyone who you feel has hurt you. Take action where possible and clear any unfinished business before a new year.

Wishing you all love & light.

Be kind to others from your hearts as we don’t always know what people are going through in their daily lives.

And if I can leave you with anything ~know you are never alone~

If you knew the love that walks within you and all around you, then you would remember…

…We are all stars wrapped in skin..

Love & blessings Katie x

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