All my life I have been a searcher, a seeker, a worldly heart of wanting something deeper, something more from myself and from life.

I have spent my whole life searching for myself, my light, my truth, for love.

I needed it to make sense, I just simply didn’t understand.For me I was born with an inner knowing in some way, awakened to my soul and hyper sensitive to feeling and life.

When I was young I was not able to understand that this would one day become my biggest gift and my greatest asset .

You see belonging unto ourselves, our true selves takes a lot of courage.

It often takes a level of commitment to embrace changes, all kinds and it. It takes a level of not being afraid to stand for yourself even if you feel your’re on your own, which your’re not because you have you.

Change involves letting go and this means on all levels quite often people, jobs, behaviors & things. I get it sometimes that scares me too. It means trusting in our higher self that we do & eventually will know the steps along the way.

It also involves trusting in the universe & in something outside of ourselves. It takes a level of acceptance & also some level of letting go.
Quite often I see beautiful women who cannot or will not make a decision to choose themselves.

I hear so many amazing women saying something is missing all I want is to just be happy. And I get it I too was once that woman who stood in her bathroom mirror and when she looked deeply at the women in front of her she didn’t recognize who this woman had become.

Until one day she chose to change.

And that took courage.

What do you need to be the happiest version of you?

For me it was getting in touch with my calling. I knew I would need to climb a mountain to get to the other side; I left my marriage and everything I knew. And nope you don’t need to leave your marriage to become the highest version of you that was my souls path and unique to my own journey.

I still believe in marriage & am a total believer of love.

However like so many women I literally had to find my way back to me from the stranger I had become.

I started to gather an epic support system and found daily rituals that would bring me home to me. And for the first time in a long time I can say I found a way to belong to the magic of the woman inside of me.

…and the best bit is I’m NOW following my purpose helping other women to light up their hearts and their lives.

That’s why I’ve created mindfulness programs for women because I found myself through these simple techniques and I can help you do this too.

So to kick-start this year I’m giving back to other women by helping you to get really clear in 2017. At any point you can really create magic.

And If anything calls to you from this post, then reach out.

Looking forward to a magical year


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