Have you ever felt you could make everything better if you just LOVED more? Well I do because I too have fallen into this trap!

Doing everything to please other people is NOT actually loving, it’s well… stupid. And I’m sorry if I just offended anyone I actually care more about being of service to you then being liked. Sometimes in life we just have to be honest and see the TRUTH.

I refused to see my own TRUTH for a really, really long time and to be really honest, it cost me my marriage. And it didn’t make me feel good it made me feel shallow. You see I too never owned my own worth and it kept me feeling trapped and to be really honest dependent on somebody else other than me for my own happiness.

And yes I get we are meant to meet someone and want to share in happiness however this isn’t about the oooie gooie Luvee because YES that stuffs fun.

This is the bit that drives us deep from within its the stuff that hides out in the shadows pretending to be the sweetness of life. I believe over giving isn’t about us being loving at all, the truth is its about acknowledging our value and knowing our own worth.

And… if you want to know why I’m even qualified to bang on about this its actually because I consider myself to be an expert in this field.

I over gave in relationships, with my friends and in my job.

My job was actually hijacked at times by over giving because for those of us with giant shaped hearts we were born for a life of service, so lets get really real here and lets shine a little light on the subject hey??? Because no one likes to be honest about this.

AND if you made it this far, Congratulations!!! Hang in there we have some good stuff still to come. OK, yes we were talking about being of service.

So I’m here to support you and let you all know that being gifted a life of serving and giving away our services isn’t actually honoring the gifts YOU have been GIVEN. Because you know living a life of contribution is a gift to humanity and it’s actually of HUGE WORTH.

Nobody in their right mind gets a job that they just rock up at everyday and say’ hey you know what? I’m employed as a school teacher for 8hrs a day, but hey I will rock up everyday 5 days a week…. and actually from the goodness of my heart… don’t worry about me receiving anything..geeze don’t even worry about paying me??? Like seriously WTF?

No one in their right mind would do that right? Unless they were a volunteer AND they had another income stream.

What I have learnt is that a true expression of serving others is ~receiving~ AND ~giving~.

And it’s actually probably more about the first than the second. I know could sound a little selfish right? I get it, I truly do because societies box says being of service is from the goodness of our hearts right? Bull… living from heart filled purpose is yes part of it. However can you truly receive yourself as a whole person first? Because this is where authentic living actually comes from.

Otherwise it can feel a bit icky. Right? Or exhausting?

And from confessions of an over giver we tend to eventually find ourselves at some stage in a place of resentment! Even if it’s smiling on the outside while flipping the birdie in your mind.

The big point about value is that I believe by giving and not receiving we are devaluing ourselves and the universes worth!


Glad we got through that!!!

Because I want men & women to know their own value. Yes, you the most beautiful valuable person in your world. The precious one reading this post. I want you to know that you are powerful and more loving than WORDS. . .

And its not by giving your power away to others that makes YOU worth it, it’s by deciding to LOVE yourself first. Its starts with us all having good boundaries with people in our life.

And you my dears, it’s about learning to friggin say NO!!!!!!!

you are precious

you are beautiful

you are worth it…

“Just love her, she’s worth it”.

Wishes, Katie

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