Like a thief in the night you come creeping in.. You don’t ask for permission or give gentle warnings about what’s to begin.

You come crashing and you steal those hearts breaking, pummeling, shattering everything that was masked.

You never say hey would it be ok? You enter through a whisper you come in through an open door which arrives with the thoughts.

Grief you steal hearts.. Oh how can you become ones friend? Sometimes you seem mean and arrive with tears that feel they may never end.

Grief you make no sense with rushes of crazy, hot and burning ends. You come in with crashing waves that feel like hate or slaver of sin.

Sometimes your not seen And all is quiet from within. Then like the eye of a hurricane you come charging not floating in.

The body it knows what’s coming to greet as it runs hard and weaves from what’s screaming to speak.

Often insecurities come that feel like a belting wind. As they lay here before u bleeding to mend.

When your storm quietness’, a stillness emerges deep from within.

The pieces that have blown away are a gifted relief from your sting.

Sometimes you are reasoned with or told to go away… However when your storm has passed there is a inner knowing that everything is going to be ok.

Grief is asked one day hey can we truly ever be some kind of friends? And remembered is the destruction that was caused when u were ceased or banished, with no words or end.

I heard you say you had a purpose You told me once or twice, you see. That if you were to be transcended then arrival in a new place would some day be.

You told me with conviction The pieces that were broken, pummeled and shattered would somehow some day not even matter.

However you did say to me the pieces will never quite look the same, that was the part where I saw a face filled heated with blame.

Broken and twisted like the turns of a river bed. These new ways, aren’t flowing pieces they sometimes feel like punishment, storms in ones head.

A decision a must how does one turn hatred into divine love? How one longs to be free returning home to a much deeper place speaking inside of me.

The forever pieces called out from the Grief, my new friend and the silence quite deafening we could not pretend ‘I’m paving u a new path, this you most certainly must see?’

The gift is like the honey to our bee it can’t live without knowing its nature it’s just meant to be.

It’s like in your castle you now have arrived it’s welcomed, it’s new, bountiful, it needs time.

Then a pause from a moment held softly in time and inner voice it speaks tenderly, loving it’s mine.

‘ just start at the start, the journey ahead you will see the rest is the best, it’s yet to come It will be.’

It’s already been built on the road you have travelled, It already happened inside your heart and your mind while you unraveled.

You learnt from what you thought and called a storm..

It was designed from your soul it called you it welcomed you home You have now been re born.


Wishes, Katie

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