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Have you ever wondered how do people Meditate? How do they seriously lay down and breathe while looking so relaxed? Have you ever wondered what is meditating all about? Well here is some great information about what you will learn during the Learn  to Meditate Program.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the art of being deeply relaxed although still being wide-awake. Learning to meditate is the art of listening to your inner stillness by learning to consciously flow into a state of deep relaxation.

What will I learn during the Meditation program?

Through the Learn to Meditate program you will learn the skills to follow your breath in the body creating a feeling of relaxation and calm. When we focus being in the now it causes our attention to come inward and move away from our conscious thinking.

The Learn to Meditate is a 6 Week Program is designed to gradually learn and practice the  meditation techniques each week. The 5 techniques in the program are simple techniques that are practiced during each class. During the program you will learn the energetic processes and how to deeply connect with your body, calm your mind, and become still.

You will learn how to take your body into an altered state of conscious relaxation called meditation through these 5 simple steps. Breath Awareness, Body Scan, Relaxation Energetic Process & Visualization, & The Art of Stillness.

My experience during Katie’s learn to meditate program has been profound.  It has was so much more than I had signed up for. I was wanting tools for my toolbox,  yet I came away with visualizations, breakthroughs and experiences that will stay with  me for forever. Watching women helping women was an incredibly moving experience;  it was everything I never knew I needed.  Looking forward to the path that lays a head! Thank you for all that you are and all that  you do

Renaye Stokes – Northampton, WA

I enjoyed re-learning to take time for myself. Thank you to Katie and the women in my program who were open to the process and  who trusted in each other. The last 5 weeks has shown me the importance of community and benefits of women positively connecting to support each other.

Donna Mc’Vee – Geraldton, WA

Katie your program was magical, especially the ceremony on the beach – blew me away. What a beautiful way to feel connected & show gratitude. You are a wonderful teacher and I admire your intuition and you’re ability to hold space.  I felt so safe and respected here. You should be extremely proud of this program. Thanky ou

Anonymous – Perth, WA

Who is the Program for?

✓ Anyone who wants a deeper connection to themselves and who is willing to work with their own awareness and progression while developing the 5 techniques.
✓ Anyone who is opened minded willing to share their experiences while learning in a group environment and who wants to cultivate a sense of calm and centeredness in their daily lives.
✓ For people experiencing levels of stress, anxiety, depression, discontented, emotional pain, direction, physical pain, mental fatigue.
✓ Anybody who is wanting to address a deeper understanding of themselves though patterns of behavior. For those people who want to develop their own intuition, inner guidance and a deeper  relationship to themselves spiritually, emotionally, physically or mentally.
✓ Anyone who is interested in personal development, growth or who are willing or wanting to initiate change in their lives.
✓  For those wanting to develop states of calm, peace, or more flow in their lives. Anyone who wants to learn deep relaxation.

Who is the program not for?

This program is NOT for close-minded skeptical thinking or for anyone is not willing to have an open mind or heart during the program. The program isn’t for people who aren’t open or willing to supporting others or listening to the learning or expressions of others in a group environment.

What does the 5 techniques involve?  

Breath Awareness – You will be learning to art of breath awareness by learning different breathing techniques to relax into your body. Deep breathing changes the chemistry of your body which then begins to change the frequencies of your brain waves.

Moving from Beta, Alpha to Theta states of consciousness. This has an effect on the whole of our bodies system physically, mentally & energetically.

Body Scan – Learning to meditate with body scan is a technique used to deepen relaxation and is to learn the art of tuning in and listening to the body. When we bring our awareness to our breath and flow our awareness throughout the whole body with our breathing we can literally scan the body to sense if there are any imbalances in certain areas.

You can use your breath to create more flow in the body by breathing into certain areas of focus sending new oxygen to the cells and breathing out any tension, thoughts, feelings or physical pain.

Relaxation – Learning the art of conscious relaxation by following the body’s brain waves into a state of calm or stillness which, can provide so many benefits to our body and wellbeing. One of the benefits of mediation is that we are able to restore our cellular body  as we drift in a sleep like mode our energy is reserved and sent to our cells, which are able to rebuild and repair in the same way as when we are sleeping.

Another benefit is a reduced level in stress or anxiety, which gives us more energy to flow with life and focus on all the good things we want to create. By connecting to deep relaxation through meditation we are able to ride the brainwaves to a state of stillness, during this state we can access heightened awareness, deeper intuition, balance, restore, and renew our bodies.

Energetic Process & Visualization – Learning to follow guided visualizations can help us journey deeper into ourselves and access different paces in consciousness to bring us to a state of peace. Visualization helps us access our mental houses and create changes or new paths ways of connecting to ourselves. When we focus the mind on visualization it stops the mind from focusing on thinking and gives our mind something to follow, which can create different sensations in the body.

Something to remember is that mediating is a practice and  when you first begin you may be unable to really visualize pictures, colours, sounds, or certain feelings. Keep trying and have positive outlook as the more you become familiar with the process of meditating the more you will relax and the more you will let go in the body and the deeper your mediation experience will become.

The Art of Stillness – Learning to journey deeply into meditation with the breath into a state of deep relaxation through the brain waves of the body chemistry we can experience a deeper level of consciousness. This can often be described as a stillness or strong sensation of calm. It may feel as though you are suspended and weightless in your body and because you are so deeply relaxed.

This is the part of meditation where you it may also feel like you hardly need to breath at all. This is the place where magic happens, in the stillness the body re aligns itself, heals itself, re energizes its cells, finding harmony and more energy to be resourceful with our thinking and in our lives. Peace brings more unto itself, which is more  peace.

Suitable for all levels of Meditation beginners-advanced

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