All my life I have been a searcher, a seeker, a worldly heart of wanting something  deeper, something more from myself and from life.

I have spent my whole life searching for myself, my light, my truth, for love. I needed it to make sense, I just  simply didn’t understand. For me I was born with an inner knowing in some way, awakened to my soul and hyper sensitive to feeling and life. I was too young to understand that this would one day become my biggest gift and my greatest asset.

A fall to grace


My mother raised me for a number of years on her own. My father well he was a medic in the navy and his way of dealing with pain is to go numb. So he became an alcoholic and sadly when he drank there was violence, he would loose his temper, usually this was projected onto my mother. While I grew in my mothers womb and the first 6 months of my life I was surrounded by violence. My mothers emotions were overwhelming at times; I couldn’t imagine what it must have been like?

She was taking care of my brother who was just a small child and I was the growing baby, she was also trying to take care of me.
What I do understand now being much older is that my beautiful mother was deeply unhappy and she  often thought about her options because to be truthful it took from her heart and her soul from her. I am lucky she chose herself and in that she also chose me. When I was around 6 moths old in the middle of one night this courageous woman bravely made a decision to leave her marriage on a journey to find her own happiness and safety.

Embodied Wisdom 


You know what?

As I reflect back I believe I was aware of my mothers pain from the time I grew in her belly, I believe our bodies hold all of the memories in our cells and I also believe something higher was taking care of her and taking care of me.

Thank god she made the decision to change all of our lives. I am grateful as I do not know what my childhood would have been like or the kind of woman I would be today, had she stayed. In saying this though healing the absence of my father has been quite a journey.

I guess you could say I was exposed to a lot of experiences in the first developmental stages of my life.

Which I believe along with my souls natural own attributes had created lots of sensitivity in the body, which I was not able to understand and I spent my whole life trying to get away from a avalanche of constant feelings.

When I was a small child my mother would take me to the supermarket and to places. I would find myself being bombarded by thoughts and feelings.

I was strongly empathic which means I could feel other peoples energy. I was completely confused and believed in angels more than in life itself. My body believed life wasn’t safe, I learnt to run from life at a very young age.

I had to get away from all of these feelings because as far as I was concerned I did not want to belong in this body or this world, this did not feel like a safe place.

I was very visual at a young age experiencing the light and the shadow. I had amazing visuals of angels and euphoria, and an inner connection to something higher.

I also experienced the complete opposite of this, which resulted in graphic and terrifying nightmares. And at the time I could not understand, how to manage my ability to feel other people and how to do this in a small body?

I needed some help and thankfully something higher was guiding me. At around 5 years of age I found a foundation to stand upon.

I would not consider myself to be religious and neither are my parents, however someone would always come into my life and would take me to church! Whether it was my grandparents, a neighbour, or family friends it just seemed to happen and I love the people at church.

The Sunday school teachers helped me find nurturing and safety through a higher connection and most importantly how to connect to the state of peace that already existed inside of me. Singing and dancing began to help me heal.

Dance was a huge turning point for me I am so grateful to my mother who put me into dance classes at a very young age. This became a huge friend to me, as it helped me come home to my body.

This time I learnt to go inward through music & movement, I learnt through dancing that life is safe and found this a way to feel joy & peace.

I was connecting to my purpose once again at a young age, I am now an embodiment dance teacher helping people to became connected and centred in themselves by dancing.

So my mother, she went on to re marry a kind-hearted soul and this changed all of our lives for the better. When I was old enough I would even ride my bike to church on weekends, I think my parents thought I was a little crazy but they were always supportive of what made us happy.

Finding stillness and purpose at a young age…

When I was at church I would sit in the congregation and something would just  happen, I would go inward and connect to some kind of inner peace and then when I was about 11 years old I was watching an episode of the Australian Drama  TV series’ A Country Practice’ at our family home in Western Australia.

I saw one  of the acting characters on screen named Shirley sit under a pyramid and do  what was called meditation. She connected to her breath and became really still, wow I was absolutely fascinated.

I had to try it!

So that night when I went to bed I decided I had a plan, I would try and meditate.

What I found was that by sitting  connecting to my breathing and becoming still I had the same sensation of being in church and the feeling of connecting to something higher.

I became very calm  and a feeling of peace washed over me. I had all these visualisations of colour and  stillness in the body and was surrounded by bright white light. I did not know at  the time however I was connecting to my purpose.

I am now meditation teacher and a mindfulness practitioner.

 Leading others through purpose

I have walked many roads on my journey and have often walked paths at times, where I thought gosh I wish my life could just be normal. Why did I need to  understand things? I know now that the reason I can journey with so many  different people is because I have been a seeker, a searcher and a worldly soul who just loves being with and connecting to people.

I found my higher purpose  through working with people from learning my souls own path and way. I now help others to find happiness on their unique journey by helping them to lluminate the map to their soul.

And I must say my own journey has been the unfolding of life experience and this  has not always been gracious. Years later started I started walking my path, I was 23 when I met first my  mentor Brett Jones, he helped me change my life.

I invested in me and I began to  heal the pain from my childhood. I finally understood my sensitivity is a part of  my souls journey and my greatest gift I now have now been blessed to work with thousands of people on their journeys  and I am dedicated to helping to transform the lives of others.

My wish is to assist you to find your inner knowing so that you can see the magic of yourself, find peace and make sense of your path and your life.



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