Katie’s gift lies in her innate ability to hold space – when she works as a massage therapist, a healer or teaches embodiment through dance. She has a way of creating such a sense of peace and nurturing, and over the years she has been my therapist and dance teacher it is the space she creates that has always drawn me back. More recently Katie has begun to teach me meditation and for someone like me who struggled with mindfulness, she has guided me through my own process to find peace with myself and meditation, which has enabled me to much more calmly and clearly connect with the next step especially in business. She also brought journey work, movement, mediation & ceremony to one of my business retreats this year which balanced out the focused, structured and business edge of the retreat (pretty much what we always need in life). It has been a joy working with her, and as a purpose coach I have found that her work helps people to connect more clearly with their purpose and find clarity on ways to move forward. Fleur Porter, WA purpose coach

Fleur Porter

Purpose Coach

I have been seeing Katie for a few years now, Katie is amazing at Massage, Breath work and Meditation. I always feel like I have shifted energetically after every single session I have with her! Katie has helped me work through deep seated sadness and grief, to let go of emotions that were not serving me and to help me experience more peace within. I work with people as an intuitive healer and I know how important it is to fill my own bucket, to look after myself. I now see Katie regularly to help keep myself ‘good’. What you experience with Katie is different to a normal standard massage or healing session. She has the gift of being able to hold sacred space for you to work through anything that is holding you back, to bring emotions to the surface and to let them go all while you feel extremely safe and loved to do so. Katie is an absolute expert in the field of healing and mindfulness. She also has so much knowledge and an amazing intuition to back it up! I recommend to see her for a session if you are experiencing any pain mentally, emotionally or in your physical body. You may also have deep emotions that you need help to shift, or if you simply want to fill up your own bucket and enjoy a relaxing and intuitive massage – you should totally book in with Katie… You will NOT be disappointed in her service.

Kym Duncan

Healer, Coach & Medium

My experience during Katie’s learn to meditate program has been profound. It has was so much more than I had signed up for. I was wanting tools for my toolbox, yet I came away with visualizations, breakthroughs and experiences that will stay with me for forever. Watching women helping women was an incredibly moving experience; it was everything I never knew I needed. Looking forward to the path that lays a head! Thank you for all that you are and all that you d

Renaye Stokes

Chapman Valley, WA

Katie’s Nia classes are awesome. A really fun way to drop out of the head and into the body and to let go of any insecurity held in the body. She’s also an amazing therapist. Very intuitive, knowledgeable and gentle in her healing approach.

Sigourney – Perth, WA

I was feeling completely unraveled, impatient, overwhelmed and angry – emotions that are not at all resourceful. I found the whole experience transforming. I feel clearer and aligned with my true self. You are amazing Katie, thank you.

Nicky – Geraldton, WA

A wonderful mind & body experience today with a massage that was totally professional yet so intuitive that soothed not only my body but my whole being. Then followed by the most beautiful evening meditation session. You are a gem Katie. Thank you

Bernie – Perth, WA

Katie is an amazing deeply intuitive woman. Here knowledge and experience is priceless. As a participant I can feel how deeply Katie has journeyed into herself and how broadly she has researched her field. I highly recommend women to share in her wisdom

Helen Sharp – Psychologist, WA

I enjoyed re-learning to take time for myself. Thank you to Katie and the women in my program who were open to the process and who trusted in each other. The last 5 weeks has shown me the importance of community and benefits of women positively connecting to support each other. 

Donna McVee – Geraldton, WA

I cannot express in words what the dreaming awake workshop has given me, but I will try. I am honored to share this time with other beautiful women who shared their journey and love. I loved being able to travel to places and meet guides who are traveling with me during this lifetime. Finally I am blessed to be in your amazing presence and learn from your wisdom. Thank you for listening to your calling and offering this amazing workshop

Sue-ann – Teacher

It’s so lovely to come together with wise, warm, and inspirational women. Thanks so much for providing the space to do this, and for the wise, practical and useful advise.

Samille Mitchell – Founder & Writer, Inspired Magazine

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