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Meet Katie

I started the journey as a therapist creating the business of Katie O’Malley in the search of what really sets my own heart on fire.

I just knew there was something inside of me that I was meant to be doing in life and although I was already working with men and women as a Remedial massage therapist, something bigger was calling to me.

Committing to the journey of my soul has been the way of living out my passion and purpose in my life.

Working with over 15 years experience and thousands of women I am constantly developing and expanding my knowledge as a mindfulness coach and I just love everything about holistic living.

Ways to Work With Katie

Do you feel like something is missing?

Do you feel lost for direction not knowing  exactly where you’re heading but you feel called to a destination?

But where?

Is there a sense that you’re being lead down a path, a inner knowing, but you don’t know exactly what?

Do you feel like your getting the same merry go round of thoughts and feelings but they simply just do not make sense?

Do you just want to be happy?

If  you said yes to any of the above…keep reading and take a deep breath as this
sounds all too familiar…

So what do I do?

Katie O’Malley is a mindfulness based practice focusing on helping you transition in yourself and life while finding the path to help grow your dreams into a reality.

You will literally light up your heart, your life and your path.

I help you get clear and find your own map.

I help you achieve wellbeing and happiness in your life.

Where you learn to re connect with yourself again and learn how to live a balanced life, because we all know life is incredible and sometimes a crazy ride.

Mindfulness is all about making time just for you.

I help you connect on every level to your body, mind and your soul.

Whether its through bodywork, dance or mindfulness coaching I help you find a path to yourself.


Are you wanting to change your life and just don’t kow how?

Well we go on a journey together through mindfulness, change becomes easy.

Sessions and programs are a powerful combination of clinical, therapeutic and energetic practices.

We are going to go from where you are now and find the path to where you want  to be in your life!

Lets get started, you will learn the steps of how to listen to your souls voice from within.

Yes it’s very possible to know the map to your self.

Through simple steps, change is easy.


Connected and empowered, YES!

Sessions are tailored individually. 1:1 mindfulness sessions are available at our private studio or via Skype.

Sessions and programs help you get clear on what is truly working in your life, what is not and why?

I am also offering workshops, group programs, and soul based fun retreats.

Sounds like you?

Get started with your free 30 minute Soulful Clarity Session

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