I started the journey as a therapist creating the business of Katie O’Malley in the search of what really sets my heart on fire.

This has been the way of living out my passion and purpose in life. Working with over 15 years experience and thousands of women I am constantly developing and expanding my knowledge in health, wellness and vitality.I just love everything about holistic living.

Over the years I have enjoyed the gift of studying various forms of energetic and body conscious healing through breath work, bodywork, NLP Therapy, Nia Dance, Meditation, and Retreats.

When working with clients my wish is to create an environment for individuals to feel safe, nurtured and honoured.

I have found that by facilitating sessions from this space it allows emotions to bring deep release, healing, clarity, inner guidance, and personal transformation. I have assisted many people riding their wave and flowing with them through their personal, mental and spiritual growth.

By guiding people into higher and deeper states of consciousness self-healing, an open increased awareness and therefore bringing more enrichment to our lives.

My journey through business has brought many joys educating others about health, wellbeing, happiness, motherhood and purpose.

As a dedicated mother of four beautiful daughters, my hope is to inspire all women and those mummy’s also to find their balance between career & motherhood personal balance and to find joy.

My professional experience is in facilitating, workshops, training & classes in many healing arts. My goal in life is to flow in loving, happy, nurturing, fun & calming nature. This attracts people to my sessions, as I am enthusiastic, and compassionate for others to experience their own growth & potential.

Katie O’Malley & Co consults from a private studio in Geraldton, Western Australia and also travels extensively with her work and ongoing studies.

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